On Call Computing can assist you in setting up any of your computer related equipment. Whether it's a PC, Monitor, Scanner or any other part of your computer system, we'll make sure your system meets all voltage, FCC, distance, comfort and all other specifications for the most enjoyable and productive computing experience for years to come.


On Call Computing is aware of the complex issues concerning the installation of the hundreds and thousands of different Hardware and Software components and programs on the market. What may seem simple can turn into a computing disaster if not approached in a systematic way. You can feel confident when an On Call Computing Specialist performs an installation. All steps will be performed with the utmost attention to special configuration issues including Jumpers, Switches, IRQ's, Memory Addresses, Initialization Files, Expansion Slots, Grounding Wires, Conflicts and all other steps for proper installation.


When a component of your computer system is not functioning properly, call on the years of experience of an On Call Computing Specialist. Our Specialists can usually solve within minutes what might have taken days or weeks to solve without prior exposure to the same computer problem.


Learning about computers can sometimes be overwhelming when the first step is to figure out what the first step should be! On Call Computing Specialists can guide you with specialized Training tailored to your current experience and customized specifically to what you would like to learn.


Computer Networks can enhance operations and efficiency exponentially for your business. On Call Computing can analyze your office environment, design and implement the most suitable Computer Network based on your production needs, then maintain and administer the Network or provide the necessary Training for your staff.